Tuesday, 13 January 2015


I've made a start on my #UKminiswap.  Mini feathers…

They are looking rather good, and well worth all the paper-piecing reverse-angle angst.  Hoping my partner agrees, (and does not get another identical in the other swaps she is in!!).

They may sit for a while before they progress; my head is full of car repairs, boiler malfunctions and a nice snotty cold and matching headache to top off the start to a fun week.  It might even snow tonight.  Oh joy!


  1. Your last paragraph has summarized life in Galway perfectly. I get you.
    I think your partner will be delighted! Love the pinks with orange - super combo.

  2. Lovely fabrics for feathers. Hope the fuzzy head clears of all those horrible things soon.

  3. Boo to expensive repairs and colds! Lovely feathers in the making! Jxo

  4. Oh no I don't like your feathers at all. They are horrible. Send them to me and I shall ensure they are properly disposed of ;-)

  5. Boiler malfunctions? Again?! Nooooooo!!

    P.S. Love the feathers!

  6. Just send it to me when you're done, yeah? ;)

  7. roll on spring eh. feathers look good, i'm sure your partner will love them.

  8. Bugger to infestations of germs in all systems!


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