Thursday, 8 January 2015

New Year Sewing...

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have spotted these already this week, but I think it worth repeating that I have actually sewn some stuff this year!

At the school gate on Tuesday, I got my first glimpse of a friend's new baby boy, born a couple of days before Christmas.  So I came home, to an empty house, (woop-woop!), and made him a quilt, like you do.

A charm pack of Sweetwater Road 15 plus some IKEA fleece, and after a little bit of head-scratching, a few extra charms to make up the pattern, a sweet little Plus quilt was all stitched up…

Very pleased with the simplicity and effectiveness of one little charm pack, and the recipient, well his mummy at least, was totally thrilled.

I have also ticked off this month's Stitch Tease bee blocks for Di.  A pair of scrappy Trip Around The World blocks…

They were popped in the mail today, along with a magazine project, so I'd call that a good start.

Next on my To Do list is, well, the list.  My FAL plans need crystallising, after I have the buzzing of the first day back in the office, followed by a school cake sale, out of my head x


  1. You're off to a brilliant start! jxo

  2. Yay! Since getting back to school ive hardly done any :-(. (Also got the dreaded tax return hanging over me!!!)

  3. Good for you. I am always impressed by how quickly others get things done, it can take me a week just to decide on my fabric choice. x

  4. Looking great, love the baby quilt, beautiful fabrics and colours x

  5. Please pass some of your energy over here. Love the wee plus quilt.

  6. I have a baby quilt to make fairly urgently - this one is lovely!! Here's to quick makes.

  7. I love those road 15 fabrics. They are great for baby quilts.


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