Friday, 16 January 2015

We are not amused!

Today the girls had Victorian Day at school; a visit from the Rainbow Theatre and classrooms segregated into boys and girls and all that stuff.

Parents had the joy of dressing their poor little children for the day avoiding the dunce's hat.

Instead of going the sensible, easy route of eBay for outfits, I did the pillowcases, sheet chopping, take all bloody day and make it route.  It probably didn't even save any money, but hey.

The girls loved their aprons, mop caps and pillow case skirts, so that's all that matters.

I meant to get some photos of their decoupage, but forgot, sorry.  I feel a trip to Hobbycraft being on the cards at half term though!

My day wasn't as fun; keeping out the way of the chaps who came to fix one bit of the central heating and promptly ended up doing extra, aka, more expensive, things.  It may all be working, but if we can't afford to run it, at least I have my hot water bottle*!

Have a lovely weekend everyone xxx

(*that worked a treat!)


  1. such grown up girls now! and well done you for making not ebaying. x

  2. They look fabulous in their uniforms - do you hire them out?!

    P.S. I hope the boiler appreciates all the money being lavished on it and rewards you with ten years of sterling service without costing you another penny!

  3. Mmm should I tell you now that I have Victorian costumes somewhere in the house - or maybe not....sh! Just don't even read this.

  4. The girls are starting to look less alike! I loved your hot water bottle cover, think I might need to copy that :-)

  5. love the Victorian outfits. The one I made for Hazel went round my friend's two girls and then most of their primary school.

  6. Seeing what your cards get up to makes me want to up and leave back to England now. Zak's days aren't full of living history apart from the fact that his day resembles Victorian teaching every day! Great outfits - clever mummy!

  7. They look adorable! Aren't you a great mama.

  8. These are adorable outfits, your girls are so cute!


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