Thursday, 22 January 2015

The last of Christmas, and then some...

This week I took delivery of my last Christmas present.  My lovely sister sent me a Pink Castle gift certificate, which I duly spent, first thing Boxing Day morning, if memory serves me well.

I splurged the lot on a Cotton & Steel pre-order…

Gorgeous, and well worth waiting for, especially the Melody Miller canvas, which has make me into a bag written all over it!

I also received a very green bundle from The Village Haberdashery today, mostly to add to the boy-child's Minecraft quilt, and the rest for the commission quilt for a friend, including bargainiferous C&S windows for the backing…

Basically, happy me!


  1. Love! You picked all of my favorites from this release.

  2. oooh lucky dawg. last time i preordered there it ended up in the uk first. so, this time i preordered at vh and, bollocks, its still not in store...

  3. I'm resisting but all this temptation is killing me Like I need more fabric. Ha ha


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