Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Belated thank yous...

Already a week into the New Year, and the last day of my break from work, so certainly time for belated thanks for some Christmas goodies that came my way.

Brit Bee did the Secret Santa thing again, this year it was pincushions.

I was lucky to have Susan as my Secret Santa; she spoilt me, but the evidence of how much may have been eaten rather quickly!!

She made me this superb pincushion-needle book combo, which I love!

Rocket cycle!!!
I hate putting my needles in pincushions, they always seem to end up inside the minute I look away, so hurrah for Susan's stroke of genius!

If you look closely you will be able to work out the scale of this masterpiece, so fearing it may be too large, (no such thing!), I also received this more standard sized pinnie…

Being the pet-lover I am, it will be oh so hard to stick one to the little fella… not!  Thank you Suz, you're a star!

Oh and what did I make, I hear you cry?    Well this headed off to Di

I know it has found a happy home.

The other stitchy gift I received was a needlebook from my sweet friend Aneela

It has already been loaded and popped in with my hexies, in the hope that I have no excuse not to be prepared for sewing them!  Thanks honey xxx

So that was my lovely incoming, tomorrow I will show you some of what has headed out this week xxx


  1. Great swapsies there! Poor wee dug though, already trembling at the thought of the pins!

  2. that there pincushion/needle book combo is pure genius!

  3. Nice gifts. The pinnie you made for Di is gorgeous and very her.

  4. You're going to stick the dog?!!! xxx

  5. If you stick pins in that poor dog then I'm coming round in the middle of the night with a huge pin...

  6. So funny that you got a doggy pinny! And yours to Di is sweet! Jxo

  7. That Susan is pretty amazing. They're both fab! Yippee for Susan and her amazing stash of goodies.
    Love yours with the trim - that's going to make Di smile every time she sews!


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