Friday, 22 November 2013

Small stuff...

Told you I had a tonne of small freebies begging to be made...

NB. This is purely a distraction picture, as I have been working on one of those dreaded secret makes that I can't show you yet, sorry.

Charm About You

We have a weekend of tidying up the kids' rooms ahead, so please don't expect many smiles from me tomorrow.  xxx


  1. yep you beat me, that's a lot of kits! Love the fabric in the background. Have fun with the tidying! You'll feel good when it's done - you know, for ten minutes before it's a mess again ;)

  2. Oh I have most of those. And more *ahem*

  3. Those look like fun! Sausage dogs!

  4. Tidying is a fruitless task with children. It will be messy again within the hour. Make a coffee and see instead ;) Di x

  5. They will keep you out of mischief for a while. So much more fun than tidying kids rooms too!

  6. goodness, what a lot of freebies. I can never part with the magazines though and end up drowning in them

  7. Gee & I thought I was bad with 3 outstanding freebie kits. Oh no make that 4, just remembered another one.
    My problem with these is that the fabric is usually so crappy, that it makes me not keen to waste the time :)
    I used to use a rake to clean my son's room, then I wised up & let him wallow!


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