Thursday, 21 November 2013

Bits and pieces...

Thank you for all your support for concentrating on the small stuff right now and suggestions to avail myself of Emily's services; I will be basting myself, I spray baste, it takes me about 30 mins per quilt, and neither of mine are big, 60" and 72" square, going to the post office would take longer, and involve getting dressed, and brushing my hair ;)

So onto a scraping of random...

This past week, pictures keep popping up for me all around the house...

Big butterfly, no other comments required, thank you!
The parcel of Lego goodies arrived yesterday which, considering it came from the Netherlands, was pretty good going, even if the UK shop was a complete shambles, this made the 3 recipients rather happy and quiet for about an hour with concentration...

A parcel for me too, no.19 of the best series ever; I am a creature of habit, and why this one has been released now and not in June, as per the previous 18, I don't know, but it means I will be getting a little of that holiday feeling whilst snuggled under a quilt for a change...

And I got one of these...
Did you?

Back to the small stuff; totally timely, Lucy has started the Giving Free Gifts Craft-along!  I have every free gift from Mollie Makes ever, in a drawer, guilting me every time I catch a glimpse of them...

Charm About You

Do you hoard those 'that'll be useful/fun/cute' things to make one day?  Well now's the time!

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  1. Wow, good picture of an aeroplane and butterfly, like you said, no other comments required *giggle*. :o)

  2. Very cute pictures! I hope tickets don't sell out before i get a chance to rob a bank!! Those drawers full of goodies will give you time to concentrate on the small stuff ;-)

  3. Sweet pictures and happy mail, with some peace thrown in, sounds like a good day was had by all :)

  4. I am off to check that book out....and yes I raided the savings account and bought a golden ticket. Now I need to talk to my roomie about a hotel room! Di x

  5. I am trying to figure out how to justify an international trip for a third year running, almost there too. I love the pictures for you and good luck with the free makes.

  6. I totally got a golden ticket....now I'm trying to sort out all the other bits.

  7. I lol'ed outloud this morning, I thought it was a plane after my initial thought lolol... no 20 is out as an ebook, u sure it's not out in book form yet ?

  8. that is definitely a giant wang. Sorry.

  9. Stephanie Plum "Take Down 20" is out here in the states next week....
    Yeah I agree -- best series ever!!

  10. I just listened to "Take Down 20" purchased as an audio book from Audible.com. Love the series! I have read them all and now listen to the audiobooks. Your comment under the butterfly picture had me choking on my coffee! Funny!

  11. Oh I do love a good Janet, I have that one next in my pile to be read! Surely Flybee ought to have a, well, bee at the front of it...

  12. FQR teasing for the next right months? Sigh :-(

  13. Oh I love Stephanie Plum! I've only read up to No. 17 so must catch up!! Enjoy 19 :-)


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