Thursday, 28 November 2013

Random Thankful...

Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends in or from the US of A; I am not that sure why you are specifically thankful today, seems like just a lot of eating and preparing to shop the sales from where I'm sitting, so I am actually quite jealous; but having just done the birthday season, I am not sure why anyone needs a big bunch of celebrating a month before the big C!  Feeling like I don't know a lot really!

So I was hoping for a great bit of Random to just pop up and bite me, but no such luck. 

I did notice yesterday though, that our local Waitrose, (the supermarket of Royalty, for those from overseas), has a crafty Christmas theme going on this year, the windows have been decorated...

The only other pictures I took this week, that did not fit in anywhere else, were these..


I am not entirely sure which part of the curriculum these boxes of random fit into, but thankfully the girls were not too attached, and they made their way into the recycle-bin shortly after these shots were taken.

Right, time for me to browse those sales and watch the last part of the Masterchef Australia final, because quite randomly, I am probably the least foody person there is, but I have been hooked.

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  1. Enjoying the randomness however watching people cook is not my idea of fun. Cooking has to be done but I get no pleasure from doing it ! Di x

  2. If my girls made those they would still be hanging into them, vicious hoarders that they are.

  3. Hmm, Sainsbury's and Tesco aren't so arty as the posh shop ;o) I love MCA too, and am about halfway through watching it now...

  4. I am constantly amazed by the random crap my little one likes to hoard, I'm sure we're keeping the recycling people in business, but only when she's not looking!!! :o)

  5. Loved that even Waitrose is getting into the "hand made" trend. Not that it would just be trendy marketing now huh? LOL

  6. The best thing about American Thanksgiving is all the sales on Friday. Even factoring the shipping to Canada I am going to get some major steals on fabric this week.

  7. This was some good randomness. I'm not doing any shopping if it involves leaving the house...

  8. I can't believe they didn't make a quilt for their box house.

  9. ahhh, junk modelling. My favourite school craft *shudder*

  10. I'm glad you put WT????? under that one because I was thinking that before I read the caption. Shame you recycled it you could have sent it in for the next Turner Prize!

  11. So glad we are past the 'bringing art home' stage!


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