Thursday, 14 November 2013

Randoming today...

From first thing in the morning traffic jams, with sublime, beautiful views...

...to a bright pink ridiculous mini wardrobe from a lady at work, to house the immanent Build-a-Bear birthday shopping...

... to a doctor who is happy for me to stay on the tablets, if needs be, until after the festive season, before any further exploratory business; I'm happy with that!

I also got Susan's Brit Bee borders finished this evening, and I'm very pleased with my fabric choices and it's looking bloody cohesive, so some sort of sneaky peak to come your way soon, promise.

Linking with the Randomeers; hope you had a good day too xxx


  1. Bears need wardrobes?! Glad the pills are working okay :-) x

  2. You'll need pills in order to live with the pink wardrobe..

  3. Glad your health is pretty stable. And I do love when fabric choices are bloody cohesive. It's THE BEST! ;-)

  4. Good news about the pills! The pink is a bit shocking, you might need sunglasses too! Woohoooo for cohesive!

  5. You can live with the pink wardrobe? I blame the tablets!

  6. Just show us those borders! Hope the BAB shpping goes well and that you do well on the tablets!

  7. Good luck building bears. I will be in Primark. Not sure where I would rather be...


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