Monday, 4 November 2013

Round Up...

Whilst on the quiet, I received a nice number parcels to cheer my days up a bit; bee blocks, bee fabric, some shopping and prizes.

I gave some insta-thanks, but I am aware that some of you won't have seen.

Some cute Christmas fabric from the lovely Pin It and Stitch ladies...

Prize fabrics and a few more from Alyce - Blossom Heart Quilts, (well if a parcel is coming from Japan, it would have been rude not to)...

A bunch of stash essentials, plus wadding taking advantage of Justine's Simply Solids super discount weekend...

More prize goodies from Leila...

Blocks from Jennifer- Knotted Thread for my Stitch Tease LV Scrap Vomit - I am almost at the top-piecing stage - woo hoo...

And fabric from Sonia for the Siblings Together Bee, which I am pleased to say I have already made up into a mega-block earlier this evening, pics tomorrow...

So I believe that is everything now duly reported and recorded for prosperity.

Back at work was uncomfortable today, but I made it through my hours, and will be back tomorrow with my portholes cushion again; I may even take it to an important meeting!


  1. Your postman must wonder what on earth is oing n with our constant receipt of parcels. Nice haul!

  2. Yay for happy mail, and good to see your vomit's coming together nicely...

    Good thinking with the cushion, although I first thought you meant to sew it lol. I may be working from home tomorrow wrapped up in a quilt, as I think I'm going to be up til about 4:15 am for today's work...

  3. What a great stash of fabrics!!
    Lucky girl.
    Cheers, Anita.

  4. What lovely post, hope you areable to enjoy it all xx

  5. You have great mail. Nice to hear you are back at work, even with your cushion.

  6. Nice mail :) looking forward to seeing what you are going to do with the Christmas fabric x

  7. Yay, thank god you could still online shop and browse whilst unwell!! Hope work becomes less painful. x


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