Sunday, 31 October 2010

Trick or treat?

An hour extra in bed as the clocks went back?  No, awoken at 6am to watch Coraline with the early-risers, but it was a nice start to the day, followed by pumpkin carving and some sewing. 

5 Christmas mini-table quilt tops all completed by 10am!  Then bangers and mash for lunch.  That's the kind of Sunday morning I would like more often, well I've got to have a dream!

So now I have got to decide on the backing and binding for these little beauties.

You can just about distinguish them, a red, a green and a blue/turquoise, plus a mixed and a more solid runner, all made from one 12 Days of Christmas layer cake. 

To celebrate I have pretty much eaten my way through a box of chocs, (well I don't like coffee, so there's one left for my husband!).

We took the little urchins 'trick or treating' after tea, and they got a bucket of sugar each, (bedtime is going to be a trial this week as they'll be buzzing for days!), but they loved it.

Would you answer the door this lot?

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