Monday, 18 October 2010

This week, I will mostly be 'being positive'!

Leaves by Paul Chave, Garden-Glass-Design
So as not to fall into a pit of moaning, aggro and despair, I am going to be (mostly) blogging about great stuff this week.  If I slip towards the dark side, pull me back and rap my knuckles!

Today I am once again going for some shameless promotion!  The Lancing College Craft Fair is zooming up on us, so please check out my father's website.

Flying Fish by Paul Chave, Garden-Glass-Design
My dear husband and I figured out the design and uploaded it with some good old trial and error, and hopefully we have done the beautiful glass justice.  Let me know what you think.  After the fair, and if he has anything left, he will hopefully be setting up an Etsy or Folksy shop.  If any of you have any personal selling experience of either and can recommend, or otherwise, I would love to hear your thoughts, thank you.

Some of you with eagle eyes may have spotted that this week I will reach post number 100!  So I am planning a little GIVEAWAY!!  So keep coming back.  I still need to actually work out what to give away, but with all the things on my plate right now, that's got to be the easy bit, right?

Now, Kirstie arrived on my doorstep this morning, so we have a date!


  1. Thanks for sharing your Dad's website, I really enjoyed it. I love the Flying Fish!

  2. positivity is good! & a positively fab website if I may so say :-) looking forward to the 100th post & a little GIVEAWAY......whoo hoo! No experience of Etsy or Folksy other than viewing all the lovely crafty things for sale, but good luck to your clever Dad with it all :-)


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