Saturday, 16 October 2010

Even better in reality!

Today we took a trip out to look at another house 'just in case' the one we really want doesn't pan out (ie. the sellers don't get a shifty on and we get fed up waiting and schools need applying for etc etc).  It turned out to be a beautiful house but not in an ideal (but not that bad) location.  We still want the original the most, but with a vacant possession, newly renovated home waiting to be lived in, we have a good contender.

The journey out to Chichester meant that I had to go to The Eternal Maker, it would have been rude not to.  Buying online is one thing, but going in for a 'feel' has got to be better!

So with hubby and children left in the car, I had about 15 minutes to have a look and spend, (OK, maybe I was a little bit longer, judging by the looks on their faces when I came out!).

What a fantastic store!  I could have been in there for days, there was the most wonderful selection of fabrics, buttons and craft items.  There were workshops being held in various corners, and boxes, baskets and shelves of pre-cut FQs, half meters etc, as well as bolts and bolts of glorious fabric and inspiring displays all in organized chaos.  I could have spent an absolute fortune, but I was quite restrained and I only bought some (more) Echino prints and cute Kokka Russian Dolls.

Back home for the afternoon I decided to have a go at the freebees from the Homestyle Crafts magazine.  I was able to run up the doorstop in about an hour, apart from it being absolutely enormous, and would take about 5kg of rice to fill completely, it turned out nicely with the material provided.


  1. This store looks amazing, I have their website on my favourites. We ae taking our caravan to Sussex at half term so I may just have to pay them a visit :) I love the twins quilts and the photo's of them underneath....just like our grandaughters would do, little feet peeping out!

  2. I so want to visit the Eternal Maker shop! great to see pics of the interior (I'm always browsing their fabrics online)......maybe one day I'll get there :-)
    Love the twins' quilts AND the doorstop - how quick was that?! Well done you!

  3. i just love the house you made and can't believe it only took an hour! did you get a pattern? x

  4. Lindsey, you must go - the car park is big enough for the caravan, you could just stay there!
    Terri, it's mad, we don't go to the places that are the nearest, an most definitely should.
    MissG, the pattern and all the fabric for the doorstop are in the Christmas Homestyle Sewing magazine, definitely worth the £7 or £8, and loads of other great stuff in there too.


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