Wednesday, 6 October 2010

What a headache!

It was dear husband's turn to suffer more Cbeebies than an adult should this morning, so I had the joy of more training and system problems at work, whilst suffering with this head-cold and house-selling angst! 

Although nothing concrete has happened on the home-buying/selling front, it feels like the momentum is building, so hopefully good news soon.  We want our dream house!

I have just tried to start the twins' quilting, and completely mucked it up - so after some frustrating unpicking, I have decided to leave it for tonight, I've got a headache and I will just end up getting in a muddle and chucking the whole lot in the bin!  


  1. I took a look at the twins' squares all cut out. The colors are beautiful. One nice thing about children is that they don't care if you "muck it up"! They will love it anyway. Sometimes the best thing to do is put it away and start fresh later, just as you are doing. Good luck! It must be a circus around there trying to quilt with twin 3 year olds around!

  2. Always best not to rush I've found - to my detriment - always ends in tears - great enthusiastic newbie quilter rusher that I am lol ;-)

  3. I have seven quilts on the go at present and doubt if any will be finished some time soon ... so I think that you are fantastic! ... actually getting ANYTHING done with little ones around deserves a medal. I seem to be able to fiddle around and make tiny things without too much trouble but "life" gets in the way of anything too time consuming as I am busy juggling too many balls! (At present organizing family weekend and food, food, food for an army). The Dream House at last????


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