Monday, 1 November 2010

Shopping for boys and girls...

Well we have Halloween all done and dusted, and now I have the Birthday Season to navigate!

In the next 17 days the 'other 4' all have birthdays.  I have put some bits and pieces away over the last few weeks, and this evening I opened the box to make sure that everyone was destined to have more than just socks!  I then had a spree on Amazon and The Book People to hopefully ensure smiles all round.  As dear hubby pops by the blog every once in a while, I will keep it all secret for now, but let you know once the wrapping is off!

I don't usually do 'baking' except potatoes, but I might break with tradition; all you Brighton Belles will be familiar with these creations...

Shall I have a go?


  1. Oh wow that is amazing, is that a CAKE?? Sorry trying to make it out and apologies if I am seeing it wrong!?!

    Happy b'day to all 4 involved!


  2. if you could - you really should! amazing, but could you really eat it. it really does look too good to eat.


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