Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Los valientes hombres!

I like a moan and a grumble - hadn't you noticed!  But watching the news today puts a lot of things into perspective, miner number 19 has just come to the surface as I type.

I get claustrophobic on the Tube and in crowds, and I get in a bit of a panic if all the children decide to clamber on me at the same time, but I cannot even begin to imagine how horrendous the last couple of months must have been, especially those first couple of weeks when they must have thought that the world assumed them to be dead.

I told my son that buying a house was one of the most stressful things people can do in life - that sounds a bit feeble now, but it probably comes a close second to being trapped underground for 2 months, and it does go on for longer!

Well I intend to spend the evening with one eye on the news and the other on my binding...

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  1. I agree we all think we are stressed out with stuff and we are but we all get a little reality check when an event like this happens. It's truly amazing that they were rescued safely.


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