Monday, 4 October 2010

Twin quilts...

Last night I began chopping up my Love Bird FQs for the girls' quilts.  A few hours and a sliced finger later I had 2 piles of 99 x 4.5" squares all ready to go.  This afternoon I lay the whole lot out and I have even managed to sew the first 9 strips for twin 1 (who, by time of birth, is actually twin 2, but her pile was nearest!).

Despite thinking I would do something more complicated than simply squares, I gave in for a quiet life - not sure if you can imagine the noise 2 frustrated 3 year-olds can make, but trust me, if I get these completed by the weekend, my life will be lot easier!


  1. I am looking forward to seeing these finished and yes I can imagine the noise of those 3 year olds having just returned from a visit to our nearly 3 yr old twin grandaughters!!

  2. Squares are good :-) I'm just about to begin a quilt for my daughter's new retro/fab mini whose name is Percy... (lol!) He is extra special indeed & I am honoured to be asked :-) I've bought 2x charm packs in 'Percy' colours & am going to sew a simple quilt of squares with sashing & a border too ;-) (am not copying you honest haha!)


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