Sunday, 24 October 2010

Sunday Bliss...

Another trip to the fair today, meant another visit to see Liz at Quilty Pleasures and another meter of Bliss!  I found this super easy, but effective recipe on Moda Bake Shop last night, and having got my Bliss charm pack, and the meter yesterday, I just had to get the extra (and a bit more) to make my own.  It wasn't my fault!

Look at the fantastic rik-rak, it is gigantic!  The pink and blue Essential Dots are for my husband, he has a 'thing' about pocket squares, so he gets a couple of very small 'hankies', and I get to keep the rest, a good deal all round!

My father had a better day today, it was far busier than yesterday and the crowd were a bit more suited to higher-end craft rather than just the cheese, chutney and pick and mixers of Saturday. 

I hope you all had a good weekend - no work tomorrow thanks to half-term, pure bliss!

PS. Giveaway!


  1. I too enjoyed a wonderful day at the fair today :-) am now the proud owner of two Very Beautiful pieces of stained glasswork, such a happy bunny ;-)))))))))

  2. Oh I am so glad it was you!! Mum & Dad said a nice lady and her husband bought 2 pieces and said you knew me (sort of!) - See I wasn't exaggerating, lovely aren't they - I had to drop a hint that the red/orange/yellow shoal of fish would look lovely in my new kitchen!

    Send me some pics of them when you have them up, my Dad will be really chuffed to know they have gone to a good home. Tell all your friends!

  3. Your father has stunning art work. I too had an easy day. It was a beautiful 20 degress and the afteroon was spent down at Darebin watching my daughter play soccer.Then home to a beautiful roast dinner.


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