Saturday, 2 October 2010

Magasine time...

My subscription to Easy Living means I get great stuff through the door that I am not expecting, and today was no exception.  A lovely Emma Bridgewater teatowel, lots of mini cataloges for great shops such as Pia, and of course the magasine itself. 

In our quest to stay out of the house for a long as possible, to ensure the least collateral damage to my obsessive tidying, we invariable ended up at WHSmith.  Sew Hip was waiting alongside the bumper Christmas issue of Homestyle Sewing.  The latter came with a whole bag (literally) of extras, fabric, felt, buttons, ribbon and patterns.  The fabric is printed with all the pieces you will need, so is not the best quality, (when did I get so snooty/knowledgeable?), but will be great to try out all the projects inside, maybe as practice runs before cutting into some of my treasured stash - although the size of most of the projects means I should be able to make most out of my lovely scraps.

I also got a pair of 18" square feather-filled cushions for my man-project!  They have a lovely weight to them that I am hoping will work well with the fabric. 

Hope your Saturday was as bounty-filled!

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