Tuesday, 5 October 2010

My day...

Woke up - no rain.  Got a shower - raining, just in time to do the nursery run.
Managed to tidy the house despite childrens' attempts to sabotage the scheduled viewing.
Got to work - my computer was not happy to see me - took an hour to log on (not quite sure if that was a good or a bad!?).
Phone call from our Estate Agent - this morning's viewing cancelled.
Phone call from Nursery - Twin 1 sick all over the place.
Missed quite important training session at work (again mixed feelings!).
Bought both twins home (easier than another trip out later), Twin 1 not actually 'ill' or sick again, but excluded for 48 hours.
Layout received from Estate Agent for larger insert in local paper this week.
Girls wanted to watch a film so I got to sew, and sew and sew - quilt tops completed!

The strangest patchwork ghosts!
Estate Agent called again, low offer from the people who cancelled this morning, and haven't been inside (the house, not prison).
Other Estate Agent branch called, 2nd viewing wanted for tomorrow afternoon.
Utter confusion about what to do re offer.
Got the quilts all pinned together ready for tomorrow.
Exhausted, and I have a cold, so time for bed, where I will no doubt lie awake and consider all the possibilities in the dark, over and over again...

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  1. Quilt tops looking good! Pretty busy day for you though. More TV and sewing today then? Hope there is no more sickness :)


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