Friday, 15 October 2010

Lucky me...

I have just finished the twins' quilts, so I will get the girls to assist in a photo session in the morning and show you tomorrow.  They have turned out pretty nicely, and my corners have improved, with 8 more under my belt. 

The fabric came from Prints to Polka Dots who now have a blog, and yours truly just found out that I have won 50% off a Melly & Me pattern, for participating in their reader's panel.  Thank you Claire and co.

So I have put in my order for a Handbag Addiction pattern, which I think looks pretty cute.  There are some fantastic toy and bag patterns, but I think most are a bit beyond me just now. 

Check out the Melly & Me blog too for loads of fantastic ideas, and beautiful things. 

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  1. I love the sleepover bag! It would make a great diaper bag. I'm thinking of making my own.


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