Sunday, 17 October 2010

Echino cushion no.2

This afternoon I made my second man-cushion, this time for my dear husband.  I am probably a bit daft to have given it straight to him, as it is his birthday in less than a month and I haven't got him anything yet, but he deserves it!

I am 95% happy with it, I had a 'tape measure failure' midway through so it ended up a bit bigger than the cushion pad.  I love the grey and cream combination, and the sneaky panther prowling along the bottom.


  1. It looks great! Throw pillows are my next project, so I love seeing the different ideas that are out there!

  2. fab-u-lo-so ;-) oops sorry (soooo Craig Revel Horwood daarling!)
    echino 4-ever eh?! sigh. Love it.

    are you up for this?

    think I might give it a go lol! (long term project that is)

  3. Thanks folks!

    Terri are you bonkers? I read the bit about 1,375 2.5" scrap squares and another couple of hundred on top and ran away screaming!! I think I am leaning towards making my next quilt out of a layer cake and not cutting anything!! If you do it, make sure to let me/us know how you are getting on. Once we get moved and settled, I think I will be up for a long-term project, at the moment I am still wanting instant results, oh impatient me!

  4. hahaha!! yep, must be totally bonkers but hey thought I'd try the 'mini' version ....only 900-odd little weeny scrappy squares - yay! oh me oh my :-)

  5. Looks amazing!

    I was thinking of doing imaginerymonkeys quilt along but yeah it's a big job by the sounds of things ..... would be a lovely end result though no doubt!


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