Tuesday, 12 October 2010

2 down, 6 to go...

I have managed to stitch one edge of each of the twins' bindings so far.  I am alternating between stitching one length of thread on each, so in theory, I will finish them both on the same evening.  Otherwise there would be one very happy girl and one grumpy monster to deal with! 

I just wanted to show you these brilliant new Monaluna prints, which were love at first sight. 

Dearest Followers will no doubt notice my one-track mind, but they would be lovely even if I wasn't going house-crazy!

(Hopefully more to tell you on that score in a couple of days...)


  1. those prints are just gorgeous oof! must go follow the link ;-)
    well done you on the twins quilting front - how quick you are! You put me to shame lol :-)

  2. Great fabric, and also great house news!


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