Friday, 22 October 2010


100 posts - how did that happen!!!

I really don't want to have brought you here under false pretenses, so without further ado...

If you would like to win a copy of this fun book:

and a little goody-bag containing all you will need to make your own pair of baby-sock owls:

plus at least a couple more little surprises, one of which is edible (so may not survive the weekend!), then all you have to do is:
  • be a Follower of my blog, and leave a comment telling me so, for your first chance;
  • tell your Followers, and add a comment with a link so I can check you aren't fibbing!
  • and for a bonus chance, leave a comment telling us all the last fib you told!
So 3 separate comments = 3 chances. (updated instructions!)

I will use Random.org to select the lucky winner at 8pm (UK - BST) Monday evening, so you have until then to be in with a chance.

I will be off to the craft show this weekend, so I am hoping to find some extras to pop in the parcel too; maybe I'll see you there.

Good luck everybody!


  1. Hey there, ok well I am already a follower so that is part 1 checked, here is my blog post (http://patchworkdelights.blogspot.com/2010/10/cool-giveaway.html), check 2, and hmm a lie jeez where do I start (only kidding), whenever hubby comes across a new delivery of goodies through the post, i.e fabric I always tell him "oh I ordered that aaaaaaages ago!" Of course he's not fooled! Fi

  2. Fi - this one will count for you...

  3. And so will this, otherwise I am going to get in a muddle when it comes to working out the winner!!

    Patchworkdelights (3)

  4. here i am....one happy little follower (already!)
    however, as i don't have a blog i fail badly on that one :-(
    fibs? now let me seeeee.......um.......weeeeeeeell huhum......
    Once upon a time I rescued two stray cats. Benny B was a short haired ginger cat & Pushkin was a long haired ginger cat. As we already had three (very noisy but totally adorable siamese) cats at the time & my children & i had a penchant for rescuing strays ( we lived in Cyprus at the time) my husband had banned me from bringing home AnyMore. So I 'pretended' that Benny B & Pushkin were one & the same cat (hehe!) therefore it was just One Last Waif & Stray :-) My little ruse aka Big Fib lasted for over a week until One Day said husband came into the kitchen & saw Two Ginger Cats (+ 3 Siamesees) eating their supper.....oops!
    We are now divorced.

  5. PS
    And Congrats on your 100th!!!!

  6. Congratulations Flying Blind on reaching 100 posts - it's so exciting, isn't it?!! I'm a dedicated Follower! love your blog!

  7. I've just posted about your cute give-a-way!


  8. Hi there,
    Your blog is fabulous! Fi (PatchworkDelights) directed me here and I would love to be included in your giveaway. I make and sell tea cosies on Etsy (TheFluffyDuck) and am on Facebook too.

  9. hello, i am a follower - and i will put a link on my blog to this give away asap -
    and the cat story made me laugh out loud!
    my last lie? mmmm
    i just told someone all my kittens already have homes....they don't i just think she won't love them enough!! anyone nice want a kitten?!!!

  10. Hi There! I am now a happy little follower.

  11. Hey! I have just posted a link on my blog directing people to you site. farmgatecreations.blogspot.com

  12. Mmmm my last little fib was to hubby saying something along the lines of...of course this stack of fabric was on special thats why I picked it up!I only ever pick up the bargains.

  13. I am a follower and love the blog - does anyone use tea cosies any more? Saw loads in White Stuff windows this month and they were so lovely made me want to buy a tea pot - blogged about them on annabelleserendipity.blogspot.com (I use bags in the cup - I am definitely not a domestic goddess)!

  14. For my second chance of winning ... I have blogged about this competition (don't anyone else DARE to wine though).

  15. For my third chance of winning ... fibs - I NEVER tell them ... this is a fib!
    (Off now to learn how to spell 'win').

  16. 3rd comment = 3rd chance ;-)
    so......although, as mentioned, i don't have a blog all of my own I have been Spreading the Word by Voice mail (aka My Voice lol) telling all & sundry about this lovely blog & fab Giveaway, so hopefully that sort of counts?! Ish.

  17. Last fib told??
    I never tell fibs!!!!! (gotcha!)

  18. I don't have a blog so I told everyone at my craft group this morning - does that count???


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