Sunday, 10 October 2010


Beautiful day, we fell more in love with area where we want to move to, and are now even more determined not to let anything stand in our way!

We went to the beach for a picnic lunch, and it was just like a summer's day, it was truly unbelievable for October on the coast.

Run away, run away!

Just before a huge wave came and soaked their socks!
Afterwards, we did a quick tour of the village and then back home to collect leaves for school.  The sycamore helicopters were falling like rain into the garden, and I'm not sure whether the children or I enjoyed it most!

I have some threads to sew in and edges to trim tonight, then I'll be all set to get on with binding the twin quilts tomorrow.

Too anxious/nervous/excited about tomorrow, so doubt I'll sleep much tonight!


  1. Great photo's...I love coastal pics!

  2. I am so happy that things are working out for you. It must be a stressful time ... but moving just before Christmas will be even more stressful ... believe me!!

  3. Looks lovely reminds me of when we lived near Whitstable! Ah like a lifetime ago, but only 4 yrs ago!


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