Tuesday, 13 October 2015


Over the weekend I was able to put the finishing touches to my #schnitzelandboominiquiltswap mini.

If I go into the details about the why, then it might become really obvious who I have made for, so I will save the backstory for once it has been gifted.

However as Nicky quickly, (and thankfully) noticed on instagram, it is meant to be quilty DNA!

I EPP'ed the pieces, which I had drafted with dear son's school compass and an empty cereal packet, and then appliquéd onto the LV patchwork background.  Getting the photo in the last of the summer sun has cast all sorts of wonky shadows, sorry about that!

I used variegated perle cotton to hand quilt simple randomly spaced lines, which was the perfect accompaniment to the Rugby on Saturday.

It measures up at 18" square, and I am really pleased with how it turned out.

I have also made a Liberty Lola pouch to accompany it, and I will no doubt add a few other bits and bobs nearer to mailing day and will show you everything then, promise.

And if the lovely person who is making for me is popping in, I can pretty much guarantee that I have not acknowledged anything you may have posted, asked or shown.  As much as I love swapping, the sheer number of swappers (almost 1000!), and all the photos appearing on instagram, makes it all rather overwhelming, so I have shied away!  Please accept my apologies x


  1. Very clever, now how about a full size one? ;-)

  2. its genius my deary, genius!

  3. That is awesome Hadley! You are very clever!

  4. This is amazing, i have never seen a quilt like it before. I am sure your partner is thrilled with her one of a kind bespoke quilt. x

  5. This is fab! I've not been hugely active commenting on other people's stuff either :S

  6. clever to incorporate dna in to quilting, that must be a first

  7. Can't believe this is sitting on my coffee table !


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