Friday, 9 October 2015

Oh my wife!

On Wednesday I finally pulled fabrics to compliment my precious Gardenvale layer cake for my Farmer's Wife v.2.

I tried and failed with the original book/QAL which I put down to lack of fabric forethought, but I really am going to try hard this time with the 1930s selection; the Gardenvale is going to make me do it!

My plan is to include at least one Gardenvale print in each block, and make 2 blocks a week.  The latter may be flexible, but its a plan I want to stick to.  Seeing all the pretty little blocks popping up on instagram has got to help too #fw1930sqal.

The first block had my name on it!  Well as good as; and it was all HSTs, so a perfect choice of starter…

May I introduce Milly…

I then made the Betty block…

… after one of my dearly missed Grandmas…

I am in love with this colour palette already; totally not my usual mix, but all from stash which bodes well I reckon.

Over the weekend I will be sorting out my Q4FAL list, this won't be on it, but I received the final piece in the AmitiƩ Mystery BOM puzzle today, so I might pop that on, ever optimistic!

So have a good weekend folks, I am going to pop my sororal All Blacks hat on now England are out of the running xxx


  1. I am totally captivated by this book and the farmer's wife squares. They just look very complicated. I know that a lot of things look that way until broken down step my step. Does the book show good illustrations? I am a visual person.
    Your blogging sister,
    Connie :)

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  2. Like you I didn't get so far in the original book qal but I am really wanting to do this one. I keep putting the book in and out of my Amazon basket. Seeing Fiona's totally gorgeous epp blocks at stitch gathering didn't lessen the temptation either! I may even have armchair shipped some 30s fabric. Thing is, there's like zilch time to sew! I am either ever the optimist or a complete fool. Don't feel you need to answer that! Anyway, you're off to a lovely start. Look forward to watching your progress.

  3. Two blocks a week is a good goal, doable and still allowing time for life and the things. Making it all from stash means that it is virtually free too. x

  4. Sorry - complete brain fart moment as I was clicking through tabs and reading blogs and thought I was on someone else's blog when I responded to Connie's question. Sorry. I'm loving seeing your blocks come together and loving hearing the personal stories behind them.

  5. Oh this will be crazy with colour, excellent- also using up stash means you can rests later- hurray!What did you do with the blocks you made from the other Farmer's Wife?


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