Thursday, 8 October 2015

Gotta Lotta Bottle...

Jenn's request for her month in Stitch Tease is/was Bottled Rainbows blocks using Rachel's lovely method.

You may remember that I've made these blocks before.  Brit Bee made blocks for Ceri when her youngest was born, and then we went on to make two of the most precious quilts I have had, or will ever have the honour of being involved in…

This time we are following the tutorial to the tee, QAYG included, (which reminds me I will need to de-fluff my sewing machine when I pull it out next time!).

So on Wednesday I got cracking.  I chose to make a dark pink block, with Kona Pomegranate as my sashing and scraps to match…

Love the viewfinder…

So that's one Bee commitment satisfied for October, and I can't wait for next week, when we get cracking on the next round of Brit Bee proper; it's going to be awesome!

PS. Blogging silence last night due to Scout investiture…

Why get invested on the ground, if you can do it 5' in the air!?
… and the Bake Off final, sorry x


  1. everything stops for bake off! lovely block, britbee4 is going to be amazing!

  2. Interesting block and it makes a lovely quilt!

  3. Great quilts! Oh yes The Bakeoff, I must say I was a little disapointed this year especially when I watched the program that showed what last years contestants are up to know and realised that the standard last year was so high.

  4. The viewfinder takes me back to my childhood. x

  5. Hope it's not too sad to be making it again


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