Friday, 16 October 2015

Old is the new New...

During the week this arrived…

It is beautiful!

Now I don't mind admitting that when I first got into quilting I was really quite dismissive of all those old quilts made with basket designs and a load of other old fashioned stuff.

The blocks were made worse by the awful brown and beige florals that were used to make them, I am sure I am not the only one to feel that way!

But I don't know whether it comes to us all in the end, or if it's a trend, but I can't get enough of the older, traditional appliqué and pieced blocks with modern fabrics and a twist…

Maybe it's the Aussie thing, Jen Kingwell, Sarah Fielke, Kathy Doughty, they just appeal to me in a way that most others don't.

Who could fail to want too make one of these, solids 'n all!?

Fashions change, tis true, but I think this love is here to stay!


  1. I couldn't agree more! Now I just need to learn to love needle-turn applique!

  2. I just feel I need to remind that someday your grandchildren may describe your hard work/your quilts in such a derogatory way.., was it really necessary? Styles always change - why do some feel such a need to be so judgemental. Please be kind.

    1. Apologies Linda, you are a No Reply blogger.
      Afraid nothing will ever change my mind about the browns; my kids already tell me what's what, thankfully I have thick skin.
      I will never apologise for having an opinion, especially when I am willing to admit when it has been changed by talented and awesome quilters like Sarah Fielke and Jen Kingwell.

  3. I love traditional made new and fresh! Xx

  4. I completely agree! I adore traditional patterns and they are much more appealing made with modern fabrics or a twist.
    I didn't find your comments derogatory, it's ok not to like some fabrics and you weren't specifically criticising anyone. Opinions and tastes will vary but you are always very supportive, non-judgemental and kind in your blog comments!

  5. I love traditional quilts and this looks like a great book *puts it on the Christmas list*

  6. I think as you evolve in your sewing journey, you recognize the labor intensive work of putting a quilt together much better than when you start out. I love all the modern fabrics and 'twists' that are currently in vogue but am equally appreciative to older quilts made well before I was born.

    -- And most of my family is already somewhat dismissive of my 'hobby'. It would be a crack up to listen in on my great-grandchildren discussing my contributions to family 'heirlooms'. lol
    Thank the lord for my friends who love what I create.

  7. Woah hold on, you're going to make a solids quilt?! That appliqué one is beautiful but I've always loved the look of appliqué, even if it took me a while to find a technique I truly enjoyed.

  8. Ah I finally started a quilt for my dad using brown stuff in my stash


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