Monday, 24 August 2015

No Sleep 'til Bedtime!

I saw a couple of sleeping bag pouches pop up on Instagram recently, so I had to have a go too!

Nilya's pattern is a free download from Craftsy.  Being me, I changed it up a little, making use of what I had, being just a little bit of an instant thrill-seeking cheapskate!

I used 18" zippers instead of really long ones stated in the pattern; I simply unzipped, and then stitched the two open ends together.  Definitely not as neat as the original, but cost me nothing, (sort of!); and the kids know no different.

I trialled the first cheating zip version and it was immediately commandeered, so I had to make the others one each, and one for myself, you know, for luck!

These took no time to make and have been declared the best sunglasses cases ever.  Another couple of Mummy Points in the bag for me, thanks Nilya x


  1. Well done! I was given one, and my pinking sheers fit perfectly in it

  2. Can't wait to try one!! Thank you for sharing!!

  3. These are fun, I especially like the one with the ruler fabric. x

  4. Oh these are fun, maybe I'll try one at some point

  5. Ok, I can be quite dense at times. I don't understand what you did with the zip and I can't see anything out of the ordinary! The long zip required is all that's putting me off of this pattern, please share more info! Pretty please?

  6. I can be dense too, Sleeping Bag pouches, I thought, sleeping bags for action man and Barbie. Duh
    Good idea with the zip though

  7. They are lovely and I love the red and white fabric.

  8. Fab quick makes. I need to try this pattern some time.

  9. These are so cool, I saw them on IG the other day, you've done a great job, love them :-)


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