Thursday, 6 August 2015


Sadly yesterday turned out greyer than expected, (not in a Christian way), but there was a little silver-grey lining, my Kindle arrived, so I made a case.

I started off with a simple slip pouch, but I really didn't love the baggy elastic/button closure combo I ended up with, so I lopped off the top, cut off the seams and went for a mini version of Ayumi's iPad case.

I added some Vilene S520 to the insides to give it a firm outer, with thick fleece instead of lining and batting, it turned out rather great looking considering it went though a full 360'...

I have only had a little play with the actual Kindle thus far, but having spent more time stuck 'in a book' than anything else, (random tapping and swearing does not work), I am not able to report back just yet, but it looks cool.


  1. such a great case. Love its simplicity, it's so very chic. Simply perfect!!!

  2. Beautiful case for your Kindle, love the cats/tigers fabric.

  3. Gorgeous case! Hope today is brighter and you manage more reading and less swearing!

  4. great case. I want a kindle. so what's the first thing to read?

  5. Great case! Any thoughts on doing a tutorial? I really wasn't getting the whole Kindle thing when they first started appearing. I love my books. But then I was kindly given a Kindle. I figured it out, pretty much, and decided to take it with me on my vacation. Oh my goodness, I fell in love! I ended up reading a book that would have been quite heavy and large. Not on purpose, it just happened that way. But I realized very quickly that the small compact Kindle was for me! I tend to shift around a lot, whether in bed or in a chair, and I could easily hold the thing over my head lying down or at weird angles for a long time. It didn't matter because it was so light! And I also appreciated being able to pop it in my purse and go places with all the other junk you carry with you when on vacation. I still buy my beautiful hardbacks and I don't always use my Kindle, but I really hope you see its benefits like I did when traveling. I still carry it with me a lot so that I can play Scrabble when I'm waiting on Doctors or car repair or the like. and, of course, I still read on it, but not exclusively. I hope you enjoy it!

  6. very nice. my much treasured holiday kindle is rather old and scruffy now. At the time a security guard accompanied us to the till, now it kicks around the bottom of my bag on holiday

  7. I just got caught up reading your last few blog posts. It looks like things are settling back to normal except for Hubby's illness I hope he's feeling better


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