Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Simple Patchwork...

I made a quilt.  Yes a whole one, in two days. I needed to do something constructive, something heartfelt, something for a dear family friend, so I did.

100 unique six inch finished squares, an IKEA and solids backing, simple diagonal quilting and solid binding…

I love the simplicity of patchwork, no fuss, no pretence just beautiful fabrics.  I hope the recipient loves it too.

It finished at 60" square, pieced with 50wt 2021 Aurifil, and quilted with 40wt 2310; all fabrics came from stash.  I only had to buy the wadding, which was from the bolt at a sewing shop in town; I am not sure what make it is, but it was a quality 80/20 cotton blend and washed up really nicely.

I actually started with the backing fabric as my colour palette inspiration for this quilt, which I think worked out to be a beautiful combination.



  1. Sometimes you just need a quick project, and this is a lovely one, too!

  2. Really beautiful colour palette, nice choice of backing as your inspiration and like how you added the solids too. Very pretty and lovely gift!

  3. Sometimes the simplest things are the most appropriate- or the most fun to make!

  4. I enjoy making simple quilts like this and it's funny that when I ask (which I rarely do!) what someone prefers, it's generally this style over many other choices. Great job!


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