Friday, 10 October 2014


I hate forgetting things, I really do.  I am convinced the Zantac has addled my short-term memory, but sometimes it's quite fun.

Today I got home to the latest Love P&Q, full of lovely friends as always, but also a couple of books I had pre-ordered on Amazon with birthday vouchers, and promptly forgot all about!

A bit of fiction by the Best. Author. Ever.  And paper-piecing heaven!

Well if this delightful weather keeps up for the weekend, I'm more than sorted!


  1. I will check out that author. I'm always looking for a new book. I'm currently reading a lot by Jojo Moyes. I can't wait to get my 318 patchwork book.Oh, and LPQ digital version....

  2. The book, The Worse Person Ever has me intrigued.....

  3. fyi: Douglas Coupland is a famous Canadian author -- at least in Canada!

  4. Ooh the paper piecing book will keep you occupied!

  5. That's lovely ! The joy of ordering AND the surprise of receiving!

  6. I love surprises in the post. I spent part of yesterday curled up in bed reading my new Love Patchwork and Quilting magazine, I think it is one of the best issues in long time but then I do like to see Christmassy things. x

  7. I used to read all the Douglas Copelands but went off him a bit after the one where the mother had MS. My favourite was Miss Wyoming. He was excellent when I heard him talk at the Edinburgh Book Festival a few years back.


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