Saturday, 25 October 2014

Bring Me Flowers...

Finally blogging what I am going to be asking of my wonderful Stitch Tease buddies in November.

I decided a while ago that I wanted my next turn to contribute to quilts for the girls.  They have been nagging for big quilts backed in bobble fleece for ages, and I have been seriously remiss with my mañana attitude, so it really is time to put that right.

In my pinning frenzy last week, I kept coming back to the freebie Amsterdam quilt from Cloud9.  I knew with a bit of tweaking, it would make a great Bee quilt.

To get the quilt up to a respectable c.60" square, (to match the minky backing), each quilt will require 15 blocks, so I started the ball rolling already by making up my 8 blocks…

These are super easy and quick blocks to make, oh don't get me wrong, I did ponder some bloody complicated blocks, the ones you couldn't possibly make 24 of yourself, but in the end I figured if I actually wanted to get the blocks back sooner rather than never, I should be a bit more friendly!

The pattern calls for white sashing, and knowing the multitude of whites out there, I thought a single low volume per block would work well instead, and I will sash all the blocks with another print to tie them all together.

8 1/2" x 16 1/2" unfinished, in case you were wondering.
The leaves and stalk will also be requested to be from a single green fabric, because the girls are not yet fully on board with the scrappy ethos, and still point out that some fabrics are wrong!

I am hoping that my Bee friends will send a lovely bunch of bright, jewel-like flowers, with as many different prints as possible.

The girls have seen these and are in love with them already, so they are going to stalking the postman until they have all come through the door!

Stitch Tease ladies, I will email you with a bit more detail, measurements etc at a quiet point over half-term, but if you want to forge ahead using the pattern and my pics here for reference, please do.

All I'll add here is that please could you make your two blocks the same colour, ie. 2 purple, or 2 pink etc, so I can put one in each quilt and keep the colours balanced, and to also make them both from totally different fabrics (not a matching pair), ie. you will need 4 of your chosen colour, 2 greens and 2 low volume backgrounds.  Email me if that's as clear as mud and you want to jump the gun.

Thanking you, from us all, in advance xxx


  1. I love these.I can see these as a table runner too. x

  2. Not fully on board with scrappy?! Heathens ;o)

  3. These are gorgeous blocks and will be great girly quilts! Jxo

  4. These giant flowers are wonderful. And yes, bee fatigue is easily avoided by such happy and fun but not really hard blocks, you are going to have wonderful blocks.

  5. I'm going to enjoy making these but will wait until I finish my sisters birthday quilt.

  6. I love this idea! Can't wait to see the finished products. I've already downloaded the pattern and I hope to make one after Christmas sewing is done (hmmm, maybe March?)!

  7. Such a fun block! I wish I was a member of your bee so I could stitch these blocks.

  8. These are fabulous. You're going to end up with a beautiful quilt. Reminds me of the phrase "if friends were flowers I'd pick you". :)

  9. Great plan, I love how enthusiastic the twins are

  10. I'm looking forward to making these blocks for you!

  11. Lovely! And they will be great for your girls. Do they argue about wanting to have exactly the same thing? Like if she gets something I have to have the same. I only have one daughter, but my brother has three. His two eldest aged 5&3 have to have nearly the same for everything, otherwise there's tears and fights! My two boys wouldn't notice if they had the same stuff or not. We'll maybe if it was food!

  12. I'm so excited to help make quilts for your girls! Great choice 😊


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