Monday, 20 October 2014


Instead of weekly aggro in the form of make-it-up, chose-what-you-like "homework" (yep I'm doing the inverted comma fingers, and other gestures), this year the kids all now have weekly proper homework, spellings, maths and stuff, and only one half-termly creative project.

One each still felt like too many at some points last and this weekend.  But the projects are done, and I will have my proud mummy moment, even if my input was more than I was hoping for.

We have progressed from papier maché covered balloons to a Sutton Hoo helmet, a leopard and giraffe masks…

Although this did take up a lot of time and energy, we also managed a trip to the park in the unseasonably warm weather, conkers and flip flops, I like it;  and I also did some prep for another bit of pattern testing…

Teacher Christmas gifts already; girly swot!


  1. Sounds like a pretty good weekend all round!

  2. The masks are great but I do value the high school mothers not involved homework now.

  3. Fab masks! And I love the look of your teacher gifts! I'm already planning mine too, just the one, luckily!

  4. Lovely masks! I hope the 'proper' homework isn't too onerous!

  5. The leopard is my favourite I think, apologies to the other makers!

  6. Fab masks! And well done on your progress for your Teacher Christmas gifts, butt kisser! (I'm only jealous)


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