Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Brit Bee Weekender pt.2

There was much laughter, chatting and eating, you get that, but by golly there was stitching!

I was actually quite unprepared for the productivity that can be mustered when you are not having to clear away all sewing in order to eat, do home work or keep the family happy.  I took, what I thought was ample to fill the weekend, and popped in my trusty hexies, just in case, but I ended up making way more than I had hoped.

Top of my To Do list was quilting and binding my #IGminiswap; success!

An off-centre spiral and semi-scrappy binding, hope my partner loves it as much as I do.

Next on my list were Bee blocks for Stitch Tease; this month for Jen, Re-mixed Geese, using the no-waste method; so quick, even with all the nattering!

Then a pair for Jude and Sarah's Bee Blessed; I used Sarah's bright idea of creating the two blocks by my usual HST method, and it worked a treat.  I was able to pop these straight into her hands, which was an added bonus…

An unscheduled tick, Susan had handed me the next Brit Bee Medallion to work on, and luckily the package contained most of the fabric needed, with some additions of mine and Ange's, I was able to get my geese border and 4-patch completed and handed straight to Sarah, woo hoo!  As these are secret, here's the highly doctored proof…

On Sunday we got printing!  Dear hubby had turned my vision into an image, I then emailed it to Thermofax to create a printing screen.

I had trialled it at home beforehand, and am the proud and happy owner of a navy hoody and grey slouchy Tee emblazoned on the back, as well as a nice piece of Cotton & Steel.

Anyway, we gave the pool table a break from being our cutting surface to become our printing area.  Mass production ensued, everyone who wanted had a go, and the lounge became a drying room…

I am looking forward to seeing what everyone makes with all their panels.  I screened a little tote bag, just because, and when the screen comes home, afters doing the rounds at Troods' and Katy's, I am definitely going to get a few more printed.

What I made next was a zippy pouch.  Total fluke that it fits my iPad; I do love an added bonus…

I used up a couple of Karen/Blueberry Park's scrap bags, bought at FQR when she got me into this screen printing lark, so it seemed totally right to pair it with my Weekender print.  I was running low on fabric at this point, so the lining is pieced, and I love it.

My final finish of the weekend was an impromptu sewalong with Ange and Fiona.  Using Svetlana's excellent tutorial, we all made little drawstring bags...

A little Jungle Avenue with Cotton & Steel, a sweet little combo I reckon.

And that was me!  My mojo was definitely back at full strength.  I wish I had taken photos of everyone else's makes, because there was so much gorgeousness about, but honestly, if I wasn't sewing, I was too busy eating!

Back home, I just need to get the binding on my commission quilt, then I am going to dive straight into a Sew Together Bag.  Ange made one over the weekend, and what more inspiration could I need?


  1. wonderful makes, wonderful weekend!

  2. Your mojo was going at warp speed. Wish we could produce like that whenever we wanted.

  3. Part Part 1 and part 2 sums up a perfect weekend, you all look like you had an amazing time with amazing finishes too

  4. Wow how much did you make. Mojo on over drive. Love the IG mini. But if your medallion is secret how did you manage to do it with recipient not seeing what you were at?!

  5. Now that's my kind of retreat - lots of food and lots of sewing!! Brilliant makes Had, love the ipad pouch. Jxo

  6. Sooo jealous! I've just bought myself a screen for screen printing, and sm hoping for better results than bodging with an embroidery hoop!

  7. Incredible sewing! I must say it would really help not having to put everything away all the time but being able to leave it all out and just pick up where you left of, sounds like bliss. x

  8. Wow! Such productivity and beautification. I love your zippy pouch (and a sew together is my next project, too - once all my wee other bits are done...)

  9. Lovely makes, especially all the screen printing stuff - love your design Hadley! And really love your IG swap mini, shame it can't be for me :(

  10. Such a lot of wonderful stuff! Wish I had thought to do the HST thing on my Bee bleesed blocks, doh!!
    And I also have plans for a Sew Together bag, Christmas pressie.

  11. You were steaming!! and it's all so beautiful!

  12. You accomplished so much. All lovely makes and with friends to surround you.

  13. I love the printed fabrics, what a great idea.

  14. Cracking up over Sarah's comment, 'steaming' has a whole other connotation round these parts! 'Twas a very productive weekend for you though :oD

  15. Wow, what a productive weekend! Bravo!


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