Thursday, 23 October 2014

A quick diversion...

… from searching out tutorials for pillow cases, to turn much of this…

… into one for dear son's birthday and to take to PGL, and the remainder to become the Iron Man hudl case.  I wrote a list, popped to Eclectic Maker after work, and came out only with what I went in for; I'm so good!

I also got the other 4 blocks made for my month's Stitch Tease.  Sneaky peak…

... and the detectives amongst you will be able to match them to recent pins, although I am mixing up the pattern a bit.  More about these, over the weekend, when the sun will shine, the wind won't blow and time will be on my side. I hope.

And do you know what, today I did not help at the KS2 disco; my Crisp lady title handed on, and spending the hour sewing was a lovely treat.  The kids did not miss me.  The feeling was mutual!

Oh and there was another diversion this morning in the village, when some crazy old lady, (as referred to by my children), drove her car into the duck pond.  I was already at work, before you get cheeky with your comments.

Well I seem to have gone all Random-Thursday without even trying; where's a linky when you need one?



  1. I think the old lady duck diving is a prophecy for you!! Jxo

  2. Did the lady fancy duck for Sunday dinner?

  3. "another diversion this morning in the village, when some crazy old lady drove her car into the duck pond"

    Could you GET a more stereotypical English country sentence than that?!? I don't think so! *g* Sounds like an episode off something gently afternoony on the telly!

  4. Well you know they did used to duck witches...

  5. I hope you polished your halo on the way out of EM?! And what kind of diversions do you normally have in the village?! Sounds a way more interesting place to live than where we are!

  6. Hahaha exactly what Lynz said above! I think I saw that episode of Midsomer Murders. No more crisp lady! I remember this title from last year.


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