Friday, 20 December 2013

Twiddly diddly dee - twiddly diddly dee...

See what I did there...

Since photographing Robin, I went on and made Batman, and have just finished turning the dynamic duo into a cushion - woo hoo!  Photos to come tomorrow.

The paper-pieced patterns, freebees, are fantastic, the only unpicking I did was due to my stingy cutting, and even using dark grey Sketch flannel caused no problems.

I will go into a bit more detail with the grand reveal tomorrow; I am going to rest my bunged up head for now, I have one of those colds that makes your teeth ache and lips split; still no more waiting at the school gate for a while, and I do not need to leave the house until Monday!

The outlaws are popping round in the morning, then all I have to do is finish the 7 table mats, wrap a few straggling presents and relax.

I have abandoned the basting plan, but hexies have been cut and if the urge takes me, I have something to keep my fingers occupied with, should I tire of eating chocolates, (like that will ever happen!).


  1. You could always put the kids on a rota for chocolate feeding and they can pop yummy morsels into your mouth for you while your hands are busy basting ;-)

  2. Robin is very appropriate for Christmas! Especially with the red breast!!!!

  3. Excellent job, and I love Sarah's idea!

  4. Sarah is a pro! And thank you for the earworm. Not. (I do love that song, really)

  5. I hope you feel better soon.

  6. Feel better! Kudos on the finish!

  7. Great Robin, and looking forward to the big reveal :o)

  8. I have been humming that tune ever since I saw your heading!!

    If you tire of eating chocolate, then we will really be worried about you :)

  9. Love it! Hope you feel better soon xx


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