Thursday 12 December 2013

Really Really Random...

Well spotting this was the most random thing I have seen in a while!

Translation, for those not fluent in 7 year old phonics...

Duck and a bunny which I call Dubunny
If you see one call 085432942
If you see one near your house, go to house 29
Elephant with 6 legs
If you see one call 421829104
If you see one near your house, go to house 94

Linking with the Randomeers, because otherwise it would just be plain weird!

PS.  Last call for my Sew Mama Sew giveaway folks xxx


  1. I am very glad of the translation :-)

  2. The translation was useful. I'm sure I saw a Dubunny but I may have had a drink at the time ;-)

  3. Is there a prize for the first sighting?

  4. Have they been doing optical illusions at school? Love the idea of the phone numbers and house numbers!

  5. Well I hope the residents of houses 29 and 94 know what they have let themselves in for :)

  6. I saw a six legged elephant yesterday - unfortunately there aren't 94 houses in our street :-(


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