Saturday, 21 December 2013

Holy making Batman!

I'm afraid the shortest day, and not a second's respite from the rain, wind and clouds, and having to have the lights on all day* means shocking photos!

So as best as I could...

The individual Batman and Robin blocks measure up at 10", 3" of sashing and I did that reverse french seam edging so it looks like binding, sort-of, but no raw edges on the inside.

So the 'black' is Charcoal Sketch flannel, the background is Kona Aqua and the faces are some unknown off-white from a scrap bag, all from Simply Solids.

The back is a simple envelope in more of the flannel.  I added fusible fleece to the back of the blocks and then top stitched to keep it from going anywhere soon; so inside looking tidy, and fancy on the outside.

The girls snuck in-progress peeks, and the consensus was that there will be a happy boy opening this up on Christmas.  Result.

We had visitors and swapped pressies, ate chocolate biscuits and watched Christmas films, and I managed to get the remaining 7 table mats quilted - finishing them will be easy now after the miles of straight-lining.

My Brit Bee secret santa cushion cover arrived, (well I am assuming!), and has been popped under the tree for the big day, and hubby made an executive decision for Fish & Chips for tea.  I wore my lovely Christmas jumper too, and when I took it off, *the power went off for over an hour, I am not sure what to make of that!

So that's enough excitement for today, time for a Lemsip and the last of the choccy bics; phew. xxx


  1. Holy habedashery batman!! That rocks :-)

  2. Holy Bat cushion! It's fantastic! My boiler broke down yesterday too - no heating or hot water! Boo! Jxo

  3. I loved Batman, so I am glad to see he is a hit again. Your day sounds lovely. We have had sun and blue skies all day for the shortest day.

  4. This is such fun, I think there will be an extremely happy boy on Christmas day.

  5. We've had a few flickery lights here too, but there's just been a burst of raucous laughter out in the street, so someone's enjoying the wind and rain o.O

    Fab job on Batman and Robin anyway.

  6. Fantastic! Chill out and bounce back for the big day :o)

  7. Who knew the powers your stripping had!? If sweater removal=power outage, perhaps you better not take up burlesque.

  8. Brilliant. There should be smiles all round then!

  9. You can't beat a good batman and Robin. Do we get to see the Christmas jumper?

  10. sounds like the best way to spend a cold wet and windy day to me x Have a great Christmas with the family .. then you will be ready for the rest and peace of the sewing room xx

  11. Holy Batman indeed! Awesome! And sounds,like a fantastic day all round despite the leccie going off. Here's to a less blustery day, and feeling better xx my parcel is safely under the tree, it could be me!

  12. They are fantastic!
    Thats the best way to spend days like yesterday, but without the power cut!

  13. holey moley brilliant cushions. Beats the batman socks my sons got.
    Have a happy christmas and take it easy

  14. Hope O loved his cushion (and the girls managed to keep it a secret!!!) and hope you managed to keep power all yesterday! All the best for 2014, keep healthy please!!!!!


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