Friday, 27 December 2013


Brit Bee Secret Santa is always fun, and this year was no exception and we all made cushion covers for each other.

I was secretly making for Ceri.  Back when I was first feeling poorly I needed an EPP project, so I pulled some Oakshotts, white Essex Linen and Boo Crew fly-screen, and set myself up for a bit of Triangle City-building.  When Ceri posted her 'Dear Santa' wish list, it couldn't have been more serendipitous!

A nice bright cut of Joel Dewberry home dec for the back, and a concealed zip(!), and this Santa's work was done.

That last little keyfob went in the parcel for Felix too, and both, I am relieved to report, went down well.

And what did I receive?  Jackpot joy!

Santa-Pops made this perfect beauty for me.

Please excuse the ill-fitting cushion pad, but I wanted to use it before getting an insert that actually fits!

So that was a bit of the secret making that was going on here undetected; I'll get a snap of the last of the secret Christmas makes to show you tomorrow.

My parents will be taking the kids to the Saturday morning Panto, and hubby and I will get a couple of hours to regain our sanity!  I haven't been more than 500m from the house in over a week, which, given the conditions out there, is not a bad thing, so a little non-family interaction will be a novelty.  I better go find something to wear other than slippers!


  1. Those are both lovely pillows. I hope you have a nice day tomorrow, despite the bad weather and all.

  2. Fab cushions both ways there missus, EPP galore! We did the panto yesterday, the Jungle Book as you've never seen it before...

  3. Fab cushions, and sounds like you will be getting a much needed break from the little people tomorrow, enjoy :o)

  4. I love your Trisngle city in that gorgeous oakshott. I had a peak at the one you received at the Christmas bee meet up. It is also lovely. Definitely a good swap. Enjoy that child free day tomorrow. Di x

  5. Your cushion for Ceri is stunning! Have a brill time tomorrow! Jxo

  6. Great cushions given and received, looks like it was a fun swap.

    Enjoy your child free afternoon!

  7. Gorgeous - both!!! Hope they enjoy the panto - I'm sure youll have a great time!

  8. Fab cushions all round! Have a wonderful child free, day! Xx

  9. Both cushions are stunning. Have a fab quiet time. We get that privilege on the weekend. Thank goodness for pantos!


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