Tuesday, 17 December 2013

End of those days...

Well my working hours have been clocked for 2013, I have been to dear son's Carol concert this afternoon, and now I can settle into home and village life for the foreseeable - yippee!

Son's class collage of the village
Tomorrow I will brave the post office, get a long-needed haircut, hopefully finish another present and then get another on the go.

I have a badge/brooch, cushion and the 8 table mats to have made by the big day; I would also like to have my Stitch Tease LV Scrap Vomit quilt basted and ready, so that I can put in some quilting miles if and when time allows between eating and snoozing.  Ideally I'd love to get some hexies cut for just in case times not forgetting I have my DWR to finish too; so I think that should be more than enough to keep me going for the rest of the year, don't you!?

So that's the stitchy list; the food list is now minimal, and I have a full-on wrapping day planned for Thursday, when I will discover how overboard, or otherwise, I have been with the present shopping.  Having to hide everything away from 3, actually 4 pairs of beady eyes, means I have completely lost track of who I have bought for or not!

Baring pestilence or plague, I will be ready on time!


  1. It's easy to lose track isn't it!!! Love the village collage xxx

  2. I wouldn't expect otherwise!! Well done! Jxo

  3. Hmm, well jell. I still have loads to do and another 2 days to work

  4. You're getting there, keep going anf fingers crossed the plague stays away from your door! :o)

  5. The plague has been at my door and I'm shooing him out, hopefully not to you! Seems to have only got me though which is very odd. The collage is awesome. Good luck with those last few makes (not that you need it) xx

  6. Wow - you are so organised. I hope when you finish your list you will take a breather and relax and rest your body for a bit.

  7. Ready and prepared? You are waay too organised. Enjoy yourself in your time off. Di x

  8. Their collage is pretty awesome!

    Listen, forget the food and keep your eye on stitching. You'll be happy and they'll find a way to eat without you. xx

  9. That village collage is awesome! I love it. So creative and textural. Feels nice to be off work doesn't it. We've had one week of our summer holidays, the presents are wrapped, the Christmas quilt was finished yesterday, and I only have to make a couple of salads for Christmas Day at Mums house. Woo hoo , most relaxed I've been before Christmas in years. I could sew, but I'm flat out in the lounge reading blogs. Have a great Christmas Hadley and family xxx


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