Sunday, 5 December 2010

Super Sunday...

We got so much done today!

The skip is almost full - I will prove it with a picture tomorrow - we have cleared the shed leaving only the things we actually knew were in there and are needed...

...I did some Christmas/Birthday shopping, (blind panic and my father's birthday next weekend meant that I really did need to go to the shops), so I paid Arundel a timely visit, Sparks Yard is my saviour...

...and I bought a Christmas tree, the opposite of everything I love about Christmas trees - it is artificial, it is white, it is pre-lit and pre-decorated, BUT comes in a little box, pops up, and will mean we can have a christmassy home after all, amongst the packing and mayhem!

Our plan is to have another week of mad culling, sorting and carnage, and then try to relax and 'have Christmas' starting next weekend! 

I also have to get two more table quilts finished this week, no pressure then!

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