Monday, 13 December 2010


Today it was dear son's Nativity - he was one of the Narrators, and he was brilliant!  He looked a little nervous, but got his lines out, perfectly, and as we had front row seats, it was all very special - we are very proud parents!

"Woops-a-daisy never let the snowflakes melt on the ground.  She always took them back to Heaven.  One day, Woops-a-Daisy was very excited!"  Words I will never forget!

I also received a cryptic email about a door sign today, then I remembered that I had added my two-penneth to the blog that got me into blogging!

If you have never heard of Chez Larsson, then you have been missing out!  I think Benita has the house I dream of, clean, white, simple, stylish, one lovely tidy helpful son, and she makes gorgeous things for her home, and even has a lovely stash of fabric that she is planning to quilt with!  (I wouldn't really swap what I have though!).

I have been following her since way before I thought about doing this myself, she was in The Times 50 Best Blogs last year, and she gets thousands of hits a day, and is basically wonderful (is that too grateful!!?).

Anyway, she had a giveaway for a traditional porcelain enamel door sign, so I had to enter didn't I!  Lo and behold, under my alter-alter-ego/pre-FB 'Hxx', she picked me, look!!!

I don't know what I am more thrilled about - winning, or being name-checked on Chez Larsson!

May the rest of the week be this brilliant!

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