Monday, 6 December 2010

Happy Monday!

Despite the frost, a long morning at work and the piles of 'things to do' that I have to do, coming home today was really lovely.

I had two parcels, one I had been eagerly awaiting, the other, a complete and utter surprise!

My winnings from Fat Quarterly arrived - some always fantastic Echino fat eighths - thank you Brioni.

The surprise, all the way from Australia, some completely cute gifts for the small folk from wonderful Helen, aka Aunty Henny.  Absolutely beautiful ballerina bags for the girls, and a brilliant backpack for dear son, already full of marbles, lego and 'my things' apparently! 

What a superb surprise - everyone is completely thrilled and I am totally in awe of Helen's skill.  Thank you Helen, you are the best, even though you are in lovely sunny, warm and totally enviable Australia!

Oh, and just to prove that the skip isn't just for show...

Tonight, there's Kirtsie & Phil on TV, and I am going to get on with some sewing.  A very happy Monday to you all!


  1. Wow Mrs FB! Lovely packages in the post! Cuty pie kids!

  2. I am suffering from the green-eyed monster just looking at that skip! How I would love to empty the entire contents of our garage AND our shed (& probably our loft ha!) into it........but now you've filled it up FB? lol.
    lovely pressies ;-)

  3. I think if we had the energy we could fill another one!

    We have probably taken the equivalent to the tip and/or charity shops already, and we still have half the garage and half the loft to go!

  4. Great gifts for the little ones and lovely fat

  5. We are in the process of trying very hard to throw & sort before our big move. Congratulations on winning such fabulous fabrics! Warm wishes from the land of Echino fabrics :) . I'm in Japan.


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