Thursday, 23 December 2010

All wrapped up...

I spent about 4 hours cleaning and moving the packing boxes around today, so that the house now resembles more of a home that the backside of Tesco!  I managed to cram in a couple of Christmas movies with the kids, and then once they were tucked up in bed, I got wrapping!

I didn't take any pictures of the finished piles, as to be honest, I don't want any photographic evidence of just how spoilt our kids are going to be!

But I did nip out to late-night Boots to get purses and lip balm for the girls, mid-wrap, as today's insistence that all they wanted from Santa was a 'Make-up bag'(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), and 'why?' I asked...'For our make up' (obviously!!!!!).  So how could I ignore that!

I also succumbed to a copy of Cross Stitch Card Shop magazine, with a free Snowman kit.  Oh when will I learn!?

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  1. You are all sorted Mrs FB, have a great Christmas and a Happy 2011. Speak/blog/comment soon! Fi


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