Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Lucky finds!!!

I am so happy!

When we packed up and moved here, I was 5 months pregnant with the twins, chasing (waddling) after a 20 month old, and working more hours than I do now. 

So when I carefully put all my prized possessions, my Tag Heuer watch I'd been given for my 18th by my parents, a diamond eternity ring from my grandparents, some jewellery from dear husband and the earrings I wore at our wedding, in a little organza bag for safekeeping, I hope you will understand that I wasn't exactly in the best of mental states!

Over the last 4 years I have sporadically searched for said organza bag to no avail.  I had resigned myself to having lost it in the last move, or it had been thrown out in the pocket of an old coat.

But tonight we have been re-united!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

The bag, in a glasses case, in a shoebox, in a bigger box, in a packing box, in the loft, was on tonight's sorting agenda.  I can quite happily throw everything else out without even looking now :)

I also stumbled across a few wonderful photos of dear son as a baby, and the manual for my sewing machine!  It really doesn't get any better, as I know for sure that there sadly isn't a suitcase of money waiting to be found.

Oh, and it snowed!


  1. you must be feeling so so happy! well done. in my move i lost a present i bought for my 16 year old niece (vintage neclace). i thought after a year i should give up but you have given us all hope!

  2. I hate losing things, it really upsets me; that's why finding things again feels so brilliant...good luck!


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