Thursday, 28 February 2013

Something a bit different!

Yes I have made something new and I can show you immediately!!

I spotted Judith's blogpost at lunchtime, the March Bee Blessed block, or rather blocks; Monica S-S's Funky Wrench - Nuts & Bolts!

Apologies for the dodgy night shots!
So as soon as the table was cleared this evening, I made a pair, spurred by the knowledge that I will be seeing Judith on Saturday, and may as well make the most of her luggage allowance!

These were super quick and lovely to make, (you made up well for the February blocks ladies!); I used my Sizzix to cut all my fabric, but definitely not too much of a chore to rotary cut I'm sure.

The quilt(s) from this month will be going to Siblings Together too.

I wasn't going to link up with Cindy's Really Random - no-one can compete with her hilarious odd shoe day this week!  But my budding Heather Ross has swayed me to link anyway...

And if that wasn't random or unexpected, as I know my children's drawing are my staple random offering, how about this...

Renowned animal lover that I am (ahem), I am still going to mention Kim's charity auction for Safe Rescue.  If you, or anyone you know is in the market for a beautiful Bloomsbury Garden quilt, bidding closes tomorrow night at 10pm UK time.

Stolen from Kim's blog - I am sure she won't mind!
As I type, the bids have reached £105.  So please pop here for more details.

Now you really weren't expecting that from me eh!?


  1. love the blocks, i just finished making mine. how fun to get liitle drawings and im heading over to check out the auction now :)


  2. Love the blocks, I'm in shock you've actually shown us a whole something! And good random, I see it's genetic :)

  3. Oh Yes! Those blocks are flippin' awesome! Thank you, thank you my secret fur loving friend! Jxo

  4. Those blocks are really cool! Thanks for linking up. :)

  5. your blocks look great! :)

  6. That Sizzix of yours is certainly getting a work out. Great job on the blocks.

  7. Love your blocks and the drawings of your future Heather Ross!

  8. Great blocks and lovely drawings :)

  9. Lovely blocks - makes me want to make a quilt out of them!

  10. I love your bee blocks and the lovely drawing...and the fact that you've revealed your secret (and well-buried!) dog-loving side ;o)

  11. Are you and Susan aware that Ryanair only allow 2.5 KGS for luggage?? Nice blocks and adore your child's drawings :-)

  12. Teehee! We all knew you were a big softy inside - like deep down inside! Have fun this weekend and next month I expect you will make the Bee Blessed blocks before Jude even tells us what they are!

  13. Quick, get right over to Spoonflower with the budding artist ;o)


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