Saturday, 16 February 2013

Pretty Little Pouch Swap

I dipped my toe in to one of those flickr swaps that had previously been a bit intimidating, a bit close-knit, and a bit beyond me.

I was wrong.  I have partaken in many swaps, and compared to many, including the Mouthy Stitches swaps, the PLPS is very different.

After the initial self-categorising of skill level, (I plumped for intermediate), and the allocation of partners, it was pretty much a matter of just getting your pouch in the mail by the specified date.

There was no nagging from the swap mamas, no checking up and making sure people were on schedule, and no obligation to post progress shots, to comment or to be more involved.

Because of the recent rise in US postal rates, there was no transatlantic swapping, which made trawling the flickr pool a little disappointing; seeing so many pouches that would never be headed this way.

My partner, Caillean Z, only posted one fabric selection photo, so when it arrived, it was a complete surprise!

The box was huge, and weighed a tonne; it came in the post van, too big for the bike; and inside, a golden nugget of meteoric proportions...

Inside the nugget, my pouch...

An enormous, (but below the 12" size restriction!), grey linen pouch, with mini scrappy trip blocks and some super piecing.  She certainly nailed my 'likes'.

And inside the pouch...

Half a German sweetshop, and a little FMF change purse.  It's a good there was the one shot in the pool, otherwise I would not have known who it was from!

I am going to be able to fit a super amount of goodies in there, thank you Caillean Z from me, and from my kids, who thought Christmas had come again!

I posted about the pouch I sent in the swap to Jo here.

Am I pleased I joined round 6? Definitely.  Would I do it again?  Maybe.  Do I ever need to buy chocolate again?  Never xxx


  1. Great haul. I joined this swap once. I didn't know to be intimidated...only I made the crappest pouch ever. I must have subconsciously been nervous because whatever I did went wrong. I'm sure my partner hated it and I cringe just thinking about it.

  2. That teensy piecing is amazing...a tad envious of your chocolate haul. I 'need' chocolate NOW!!!!!

  3. That piecing is tiny and perfect. Enjoy your chocolate. Di x

  4. I am smitten by those tiny little scrappy trip squares, I really need to make one for me now. You are a lucky one, nice pouches do come your way.

  5. Oh you were very spoiled, those teeny squares are boggling my mind slightly!

  6. Love those tiny scrappy trip squares

  7. Ah Christiane is one clever and generous lady!

  8. blimey! I'll be right over ;-)

  9. What a great swap parcel, that pouch is lovely! Did you enjoy the different (quieter, less hands-on, etc.) swap?

  10. It was a great, low stress swap.....you have a lovely selection there!

  11. I'm sorry, I just can't see past all of the chocolate!! : )

  12. Gorgeous pouch, although I stopped reading past the choc pic, too busy drooling ;-)

  13. Bizarre.
    Maybe there is a happy medium between too much contact and almost none??

  14. What a great idea to do a mini trip block. Lucky you, Hadders :)

  15. Any chocolate left to share?


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