Monday, 18 February 2013

It was too sunny...

... and I was too busy doing Half Term type stuff this morning, that by the time I had finished making my emerald cushion this afternoon, the light was not so good, and the pictures that I took were pretty rubbish.  Sorry.

So I will get some more tomorrow and write up a proper post to do it justice.

In the meantime, here's the lovely bundle that arrived from Japan today...

I won a month of my choice from Alyce's Blossom Heart Quilts' Japanese Bundle Club back on SMS Giveaway Day.  I chose February - Sewing themed, to spread that winning feeling further.  I may have supplemented my winnings with a little Heather Ross, Kumino Fujita and Easter bunnies. 

What awesome fabrics.  I cannot thank Alyce, and her hubby enough.  Fabric should be the last thing on their minds right now, but they still managed to get this mailed before heading off to be with family in Australia.  Thank you Blossom Hearts xxx


  1. Gorgeous fabric, glad you found enough sun for *some* photos ;o)

  2. Too sunny and then too dark - the winter is getting tiresome. You have excellent fabrics there.

  3. Lovely fabrics! That bunny's look gorgeous!

  4. Oh wow, what a lovely bundle, strking the screen just isn't the same! : )

  5. Too sunny?? It's pouring here today. Lovely fabrics - go and enjoy them!

  6. Great fabrics and lie any win it is obligatory to supplement haha. Great choices

  7. That is a very nice bundle and I am looking forward to seeing your cushion...have a lovely day!

  8. Great prints. I'm not sure any of us could resist supplementing!


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